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Paintball Articles

Paintball Articles

By Tony Taslimi


  These articles were carefully written by our staff members at Paintballgunsforsalenow.com to help you become more familiar with paintball in general. You will also find helpful information about the type of paintball marker you should be using for the type of game you are playing plus some other helpful tips.


How To Choose Your First Paintball Gun?

One of the most common questions for newbies to ask, is what kind of paintball marker should they purchase as their very first marker. So let's assume you've been playing paintball for a while now and finally decided that you want to get your own paintball gun instead of renting every time you go to the field. Now everyone has bombarded you with different types of paintball brand names, models and what they think you should be getting as your first gun. First of all, even-though it's a great idea to get some tips from more senior paintball players when it comes to buying your first gun, make sure you also listen to yourself. Meaning you want your new marker not only to performs well for the type of game you are playing, but you also want it to be fun to play with at the same time.

Let's look at some of the different options that you may encounter when going through the endless list of paintball markers. We will look at the most common markers used by beginners and also view some that are more sophisticated but that will be a good investment for newbies who are serious about playing paintball.

Spyder Paintball Guns: They are at the top of our list with the most affordable and perhaps one of the all time favorites for new paintball players who are just starting out and want to test the waters. You will find cheap and reliable markers within the spyder brand. One of the best sellers are the Fenix paintball guns for a light weight marker and a good 20 BPS. Amongst the military replica markers; the Spyder MR5 has been a great choice.

Dangerous Power: These markers are a good choice for either the beginner or an intermediate paintball players who is really committed to the game and wants something more sophisticated. Specially the Dangerous Power G4, at a light weight of less than 2 Ibs, can deliver over 20 BPS and possesses technically advanced features of those more expensive DP guns.

Planet eclipse: Now we are getting into the more advanced marker categories. The Planet Eclipse paintball guns are mostly being used primarily by more experienced and professional paintball enthusiasts. Having said that, a great marker is the Etha paintball markers. They are the most affordable PE markers and are also made with he same materials that all other more expensive PE markers are made of. This is a great marker for someone who wants to have a powerful gun and aspires to achieve big results but can't afford to spend much in the beginning of his/her paintball journey.


At PaintballGunsForSaleNow we want to help you in choosing the right paintball gun. We know it really helps to know the difference between paintball games to help you make the right choices. Genereally you'll be most likely playing Woodsball or Speedball.


The games in woodsball range from playing simple "Elimination" which is killing everyone on the opposite team or "capture the flag" type of game where opposing teams have to capture their enemies flag to claim victory. Woodsball is a fun game packed with adventure as you will be going through the woods and at times finding your opponents from long range.

This type of paintball game is considered to be tactical paintball and most players will dress up in camouflage, carry very realistic military replica paintballs guns such as the Spyder MRX Elite found in the Spyder Paintball Guns section. Paintball grenades are also used to make the combat as realistic as possible.


This game is mostly for people who are more in the advance group and/or somewhat play paintball professionally. Usually in speedball there are 3-5 man per team that play 10-15 minutes per match. It is also very common to use uniforms and be well prepared with all the gears needed when playing Speedball since it's more of a professional game.

The game is usually pretty fast and the goal is to eliminate the other team's members as fast as possible. When playing speedball the players will move quickly and communicate very efficiently and use light, fast and hi-tech paintball guns such as the Planet Eclipse Etha found in the Planet Eclipse paintball Guns section. There sure will get the job done. It is wise to remember to use a lighter type of marker as it will allow you to be more agile when shooting and moving around.


At PaintballGunsForSaleNow we really want to make sure that you enjoy playing paintball safely and have a wonderful time doing what you enjoy the most. Therefore we have written key safety measure for you to follow to be safe and follow the legacy of paintball playing, for years to come.

Honor the game:

The game of paintball is to be played in the field against your competitors for sporting and entertainment purposes. Refraining from using your paintball gun at home can prevent severe accidents that could lead to many types of injuries that could have been prevented beforehand.

Wear your protection:

Protecting your head and body with proper goggles and body Protection can make you feel safe and boost your confidence when playing on the field. Knowing you are protected will help you think and move freely and intelligently focusing on the task at hand.                                                                                                                    

Have a referee on the field:

Put someone in charge every time there is a game. The person acting as a referee has the power to start and finnish the game. This is specially helpfull if something ever goes wrong when playing. (i.e.: there is a dispute between teams or if an injury has occurred.)

Do not use damaged gear:

Make sure you always check and inspect all your gear before you use it. For example if there is any cracks on your goggles is best not to use it. The same also goes for CO2 tanks. Clean your paintball guns and gear on regular basis (every time you use them or once a month if you don't play often) so you are well aware of their conditions and can fix or replace any parts if needed.

Put on barrel cover:

Make sure to always have the barrel cover on whenever you are not playing paintball for safety reasons. Never have your gun pointed at someone when handling your paintball guns. These simple steps will ensure you and everyone else are safe when handling your marker.

If you are anticipating your first time paintball adventure ever, this article will shed light on some of the key things that will help you become mentally and physically prepared. You will also have an idea of what to expect from the game and to make sure that there are no unnecessary surprises.

Your wardrobe:                                                                                                  
                                                                                                                                It is important to make sure you wear something quite comfortable as you'll obviously be moving around and want to make sure that you are the fastest you can be. You can wear long camouflage pants, long sleeve shirt and shoes. a comfortable jacket in which you can move freely will go well if it is cold or you are playing outdoors. Make sure you have your goggle mask and body protection for extra padding. Generally speaking you want choose loose over tight clothing to allow you more freedom of movement.

Things You Need To Bring:
Make sure to bring plenty of water with you as you'll be sweating a lot and dehydration is very common when playing lengthy paintball games. You could pack your own bottles of water or buy them at the commercial park or facility. Also it is wise to bring money for snacks for after the game or either pack your lunch since food and snacks can be a bit it pricey at these events.

Type of Paintball Guns to bring with you:
Your paintball gun is obviously one of the most important things to pack when going to a paintball game. However the type of gun that you will take with you is an even more important factor to pay attention to. please refer to this guide to find out which paintball gun you should be taking with you. You can also check the paintball gun section of our site if you already know what type of marker you need to be using.

Your First Match Expectations:
It's very well possible for you to not hit any targets on your very first match. And that's ok. try to get a feel of the game and do not be dessappointed if you are hit early on in the game. It's just a game and it takes time to learn the ropes. Ask for help from a colleague or someone you know that has more experience than you, to explain to you anything you have doubts about. And remember that everyone has had their own first match back when they first started. Have fun and Happy Hunting from PaintballGunsForSaleNow!

The type of field you will need to choose for your paintball game strictly depends on what kind of paintball game you are going to be playing. You will either be playing Woodsball or Speedsball. Therefore you have to choose form these two.

Woodsball Field:

Most people will be playing in a woodsball field hence it is one of the most common places to be playing paintball. You can either be playing at The Forest Field which as the name suggest it's a natural area in the forest with no added bunkers or any type of shields which in fact will resemble a more realistic type of game. There are also The Hybrid fields which are nothing more than forest fields with added bunkers, shields and some old tires and junk cars to make it a bit more exciting and look like a realistic battlefield. Finally there are The dried grass fields which are a bit different from the two previous ones mentioned. There are no solid trees or logs but it's still a lot of fun to play paintball in, as there are stacks of tall dried grass and hay.

Speedball Field:

This is the type of field where you will be playing an extremely fast paced game than you usually are use to playing, and different from playing Woodsball. This will be a game where you will be somewhat closer to your opponents separated by different types of bunkers. A lot of the times you are going to see Sup Air fields;  which are just inflatable bunkers on both sides of the teams territories positioned in the exact same order which come in a lot of different shapes and sizes such as cylenders, snaked and temples to name a few. Hyperball fields are also common as they resemble the Hybrid fields with old tires, junked cars and drainage pipes. however this is played at a much faster pace. Finally you have the spool fields that are built out of large spools made out of industrial cables. There are usual one or more spools stacked up on top of each other. These fields mirror each other in the exact same fashion on both sides of the field.

 The Paintball MR Guns section continue to be one of the best performers when it comes to being reliable and durable within the paintball market. The MR Series are made to last and offer the best experience and potential to our customers when on the field, to out perform their opponents at anytime. They can also be found in different paintball gun packages for players looking to...Read more


 Benefits of playing paintball

Paintball has been a great team sport since the 1990s and i has grown to be internationally recognized by many young paintball enthusiast around the globe. There has even been talks about incorporating paintball as an Olympic sport by the veterans in the sport. However that still isn't the case yet. However because of the nature of this sport there are a number of beneficial factors that we want to point out in this article (if you are not familiar with yet) to sort of encourage you to play paintball and hopefully promote the sport to those who are thinking about trying it out.

One of the great things about paintball is that it is a team sport and it teaches you team work and somewhat the art of solving problems. When on the filed playing paintball you will need to have a strategy and work together with your team to successfully execute a plan that will lead you to victory against your opposing team. That includes being able to take orders, listening to your captain, being fast and spontaneous and most important of all showing great sportsmanship.

I addition paintball is also a fun sport that can help you find new friends you thought you'd never find, since you are actually obliged to communicate with your team mates in the game. And quite honestly why wouldn't you?

Chances are very low for you to get injured when playing paintball if you follow the rules. And another great benefit is that you'll essentially be exercising and working out at the same time you are having a blast. Paintball can almost be considered as a high interval cardio session; since you will be running explosively for some time and then you will make stops on your way and explosively move around again. This can really help you lose weight in the long run and keep you healthy.

There are no excuses no to play paintball, unless you just completely against it. Paintball is good for your health, helps you find friends and most important of all it's a lot of fun!

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